newparadigm Summer 2018-19

Integration and Collaboration: Best practice and lessons learned   2018 19newparadigm Summer cover image

The need for intersectoral, collaborative approaches to both governance and service delivery have been on the social policy agenda for decades. However, as practitioners are well aware, cutting across knowledge areas and social networks is an incredibly challenging task.

This edition of newparadigm gathers together the lessons learned from practitioners and organisations who have attempted to reorganise policy and practice in this way to better address the needs of mental health service users.

newparadigm Summer 2018-19 showcases various examples of mental health policy and practice from along the collaboration continuum: from individual care coordination to the co-location services to integrated governance and policy initiatives.

The government and non-government organisations from across Australia who have contributed to this addition offer invaluable insights that will improve the prospects of future attempts at collaboration and integration.

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