Putting It All Together: Day One

Video on demand: Day one of our Symposium Putting It All Together, focusing on the reforms to come out of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, can now be viewed in full.


Use the time codes below to navigate to different segments of the symposium or view on Youtube for more options. Watch Day Two video here.

00:00 Welcome (Gus Clelland, Mental Health Victoria)

01:26 Opening statement (James Merlino, Victorian Minister for Mental Health)

10:52 Overview (Sophie Scott, ABC National Medical Reporter)

13:30 The Victorian reform agenda (Alan Fels, Mental Health Victoria)

1:01:06 RC Final Report: Service reform and vision (Larissa Taylor, Mental Health Victoria)

1:24:04 Panel discussion

2:20:28 RC Final Report: Governance, funding and commissioning (Tom Symondson, VHA)

2:44:10 Panel discussion

3:50:49 Implementation: What to Expect (Pam Anders, Mental Health Reform Victoria)

4:33:23 Panel discussion

5:26:38 Closing Address (Maggie Toko, VMIAC)