Workforce forums wrap up soon but still need your input

Mental Health Victoria's RECI (Research, Engagement, Collaboration, Information) workforce project is in the midst of its virtual forums phase, and is still seeking input.

'The content has been quite diverse, but we've had some really robust conversations with passionate people from the non-clinical sector, cross sector and broader community,' said Project Officer Stephanie Caroll.

The project seeks to examine what skills and knowledge exist across the community mental health sector, then identify and fill gaps in the available professional development opportunities.

This has involved extensive consultations with local councils, mental health professionals and community members. These stakeholders have led discussions of what they think of the current workforce and what they'd like to see moving forward.

'We've been speaking to people from all over Victoria; virtual forums have helped us connect to a broader audience than we might have otherwise,' said Ms Caroll.

'It's been great to chat with people to confirm theories or get the explanation behind some of their responses during the survey phase of the project.'

The virtual forums will wrap up soon with the final sessions scheduled for 27, 28 and 30 April 2021.

If you would like to participate, or for more information, please contact the project officers directly: or