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Week ending Friday 29 July 2022


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A creative response to the mental health crisis: The Big Anxiety Festival will return to Melbourne in September [Beat]

AIHW report: no marked increase in suicide-related deaths for 2020 [The Mandarin]

Bond University research shows aquatic exercise has amazing benefits for mental health [Gold Coast Bulletin]

Chore charm bracelets are helping people diagnosed with ADHD stay on track [ABC]

Connections 2022 comes to Casey [Star News]

NEWS Discrimination and mental health issues rife in Australia’s camera departments [Screen Daily]

High Rate of Mental Health Problems in Transgender Children [Medscape]

‘It’s kind of suffocating’: queer young Australians speak about how they feel at school and what they think of politicians [The Conversation]

Largest mental health survey in over a decade shows almost half of young women in Australia are living with mental illness [Women's Agenda]

‘Our mental health is collectively breaking’: One in five Australians had mental disorder in pandemic [The Age]

Second mental health service in Gippsland closes in two weeks as Barrier Breakers shuts doors [ABC]

Victoria University & Orygen partner to boost mental health workforce [Mirage News]

Young Australians Battling Mental Health Crisis [News of the Area]


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Bendigo’s distress: region suffers some of the worst MH in Victoria [Bendigo Advertiser]

‘Community linkers’ aims at preventing Indigenous suicide [South Coast Register]

Health cover for ‘psyche’ therapy [The Australian]


Week ending Friday 15 July 2022


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Federation University research finds challenges for mental health and wellbeing of university academics [Stawell Times]

It's time to fix structural unkindness [Insight]

Mental healthcare at work: a roundup of EAP programs [The Mandarin]

Mental health for young Australians: Hurry up and wait [Insight]

Interview with Sheree Lowe of VACCHO [ProBono Australia]


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Victorian mental health money dries up [The Australian]

'No more zombie veterans': push to subsidise life-changing drug [Herald Sun]


Week ending Friday 8 July 2022


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National Mental Health listening tour [Radio National]

WA Police claim mental health is affecting exodus [ABC]

Concern over government withdrawal of telehealth arrangements [AAP]

Supporting kids with autism who are experiencing bullying [Insight]



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NSW floods affect mental health program rollout [The Advocate] 


Week ending Friday 1 July 2022


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How effective is mindfulness for treating mental ill-health? And what about the apps? [MJA Insight]

Advocacy groups call for more MH funding [SBS]

Federal DoH name change []

Census figures for mental health could be underreporting instances in Indian community [SBS]



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Staff in MH sector overstretched and understaffed [The Advocate] 

‘Shocking and perplexing’ census MH results [The Age]



Week ending Friday 24 June 2022


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Why mental distress is rising, particularly for low-income and middle-aged women [HelloCare]

Inroads to support the mental health of transport workers [Mirage News]

Partnership between headspace and RSPCA a success [SBS]

Study highlights low use of mental health services in aged care facilities [News Medical]

Victorian mental health sector is in crisis due to workforce shortage [ABC]


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Victorian Government schools to be provided with Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader [Herald Sun]

'In it together' - tackling teacher burnout [The Age]

Regional Australia cannot wait any longer for mental health boost [The Courier]