Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

CALM Suicide Intervention Training - November 2022


About this course

Suicide is a public health issue that affects individuals, families, communies and work environments across Australia. This Train the Trainer program will set you up to run your own business training others in the important area of suicide prevenon. The CALMtraining programs are being engaged by organisaons across Australia. Your passion and experse will help make a difference to this landscape and provide you with an alternave career choice for your future.

This Train the Trainer virtual program, will provide you with the skills, resources, knowledge and support to deliver both programs. T4T parcipants gain an understanding and workable knowledge of the theories, principles and models that underpin CALM and CALM Care programs; are able to grasp and demonstrate their ability to explain and use the CALM model of intervenon and lastly gain confidence in their ability to competently deliver both programs to their audiences.

At the end of this course

CALM trainers will receive a cerficate of accreditaon, a comprehensive trainers manual, trainers PowerPoint presentaon with trainer notes, videos, a 24-page CALM workbook and wallet card, full access to three apps: Be Safe, Be Calm and Calm Care, video demonstraons, role-play scenarios, all resources for parcipants including email templates, promotional flyers, posters, helpful marketing tips.

Calm Care trainers will receive a cerficate of accreditaon, a 16-page reference booklet, a comprehensive trainers manual, trainers PowerPoint presentation with trainer notes and access to the Calm Care app, plus a complete set of resources for their parcipants.  

Event Details

Starts 14 November 2022 - 9:00 am
Price per person $395.00
Members Price $296.25
Facilitator Suicide Programs
Day 1 Mon, 14 November 2022 - 9.30am to 12.30pm
Day 2 Tues, 15 November 2022 - 9.30am to 12.30pm

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