Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

Collaboration • Knowledge • Leadership

Mental Health Victoria Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The following objectives were established for 2018-2021.


1. Champion mental health system reform by being a respected and strategic voice for change

Mental Health Victoria will drive change by establishing a clear and compelling vision for the mental health system. We will build and strengthen our knowledge base through independent research and policy development.


  • Lead the sector on a journey of system reform
  • Be strategic, confident and prominent in public debate
  • Be recognised as the principal voice for Victoria's mental health sector
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to address the premature mortality, morbidity and diminished quality of life of people living with a mental illness
  • Promote mental health, social and emotional wellbeing


2. Offer services and products that deliver real value

Mental Health Victoria will engage with mental health service providers and the workforce to better understand their needs and support them to deliver quality services.

We will provide more opportunities for members to share their ideas and experiences, better enabling them to shape best practice and contribute to a world-class mental health system.

We will provide excellent professional development opportunities for mental health workforces.


  • Expand our membership base
  • Understand the needs of our members individually and as a sector
  • Offer our members strategic, pragmatic and reliable advice
  • Lead and share best practices and innovation


3. Build a strong organisation and enhance our organisational capacity

Mental Health Victoria will build a strong and sustainable base. We will develop our capacity to meet the needs of our membership and the sector more broadly. We will empower staff and establish the organisation as an employer of choice.


  • Build a strong revenue base to create a platform for sustainability
  • Be an employer of choice